Intake and Assessment Services

At The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO), our intake and assessment team is responsible for receiving and assessing reports from the community, professionals, and other individuals regarding child welfare concerns. Our team gathers information, conducts assessments, and if necessary, takes appropriate action to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children and youth in our community.

See below to learn about intake and assessment services at CASO:

  • Report. Concerns about the safety or wellbeing of a child or youth can be reported to CASO at any time. Reports can be made by phone, email, letter, face-to-face contact, or police reports.
  • Assessment. When our team of trained intake and assessment workers receives a call, we use the Ontario Child Welfare Eligibility Spectrum (2019) to assess the report and determine next steps.
  • Action. Based on this assessment, our team may take various actions, including:
    • Conducting further investigations;
    • Providing support and services to the family; or,
    • Taking protective measures to ensure a child or youth’s safety.

Most commonly, our intake and assessment services play a role in providing information, referrals, and support to families. We work collaboratively with other community services to address the needs of the child or youth and their family.


In 2022, the number of cases opened for assessment increased marginally by 2.8% compared to the previous fiscal year. This may be explained by the return to post-pandemic activities and increased visibility of children and youth in the community.

Cases Opened for Child Protection Assessment