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  • Adoption

    Can I start the adoption assessment if I am engaged in fertility treatments / interventions or pursuing the option of surrogacy?

    Adoption is a wonderful way to grow a family, however it is different than parenting a child born to you. Families need to take time to grieve any fertility losses and ensure that they are ready to pursue a different family experience.  Given their own experiences of loss, adopted children need the full attention of their parent(s) as they adjust to their adoptive home.  For these reasons, we expect that applicants will not be actively pursuing fertility interventions, surrogacy or a biological pregnancy while in the adoption process.

  • Adoption

    Will it be faster to have my homestudy completed privately and submit it to the Society rather than wait for a CAS assessment?

    If you plan to register with an adoption agency or licensee for consideration for private adoption placements, you may wish to further explore the option of a private adoption homestudy. Timelines to complete a private homestudy, as well as associated costs, would be best explained by your chosen private practitioner. 

    The Society will only pursue applications with families who have an expressed readiness to meet the unique needs of children involved with the child welfare system. While the required background checks have already been completed, private homestudies do require an update and interviews with the assigned worker to help us to better know your family for the purpose of matching with a child being referred for adoption prior to approval.  

  • Adoption

    How long does it take to complete the homestudy?

    It varies. Once assigned to a worker for assessment, the homestudy process typically takes 6-9 months to complete, however can be influenced by timelines to get supporting documents, applicant’s availability for meetings and other caseload demands of the assigned worker, as well as the current need for adoptive families.  

  • Adoption

    I have a SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation) homestudy completed by a private adoption practitioner. Can I submit this to the CASO?

    Yes, if you reside in Ottawa. You will be asked to submit your homestudy, along with the range of child needs that you feel able to support in your family prior to your initial meeting with the intake worker.  If this fits with the Society’s needs for children and youth who may become available for adoption, we will complete a brief update to the homestudy for the purpose of assessing your application for an adoption within the child welfare sector.  If your private homestudy was completed within 2 years, you will be asked to provide the supporting documents.  If the homestudy is more than two years old, new supporting documents may be required as part of this update.  You will not need to repeat the PRIDE training.   

    You can have your homestudy registered with both a private licensee and with a Children’s Aid Society, however you must advise all adoption professionals of this intent and if you are being considered for a placement.  You can only receive one adoption placement at a time. 

    If you are working with an adoption agency or have an application for international adoption, they may have restrictions on submitting an application for adoption elsewhere.  You should verify this prior to applying with the Society. 

  • Adoption

    Can I complete PRIDE (Parent Resource Information Development and Education) training before applying to adopt?

    The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa offers PRIDE training 3-4 times per year in a live instruction (currently primarily virtual) format at no cost. We prefer that adoptive families complete PRIDE with the Society as part of the homestudy. Your worker will advise you how to register for PRIDE. 

    Other offerings of the training are available privately for a fee, however completing PRIDE privately does not accelerate your application with CASO. The Society is only able to proceed with applications for families who are ready to meet the needs of children and youth in care and if this is not the right placement for your family, you will be directed to other resources. 

  • Adoption

    I identify as 2SLGBTQIA+. Can I adopt?

    Yes. The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa welcomes all families.

  • Adoption

    I am single. Can I adopt?

    Yes. The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa welcomes all families. It is important for all applicants to consider their support system and their ability to meet a child or youth’s specialized needs prior to applying to adopt.    

  • Adoption

    Is there a financial requirement to adopt a child?

    There is no minimum income requirement to adopt, however adoptive parents are required to assume all financial costs for a child in their care and an assessment of your financial circumstances is part of the homestudy. Questions to ask yourself:  would you be financially able to take parental leave to support a child’s transition into your home?  Have you researched the costs of child-care, and would you be able to afford this if you require child-care? Do you have medical benefits through your employer to support accessing services for a child? If not, can you adjust your family budget to provide for this?

  • Adoption

    I want to adopt my step-child / relative.  Can you help with this?

    In Ontario, adoption of a stepchild or relative is done directly through an application to the Court. It does not require involvement of the Children’s Aid Society or adoption licensee.  You can contact a family lawyer or the Family Law Information Centre at your local courthouse to get information on the process. 

    Children’s Aid Societies only complete adoptions on children who are in Extended Society Care. If you are aware that a relative is in the care of the Society, you should contact the child’s caseworker.

  • Adoption

    What resources and supports are available after adoption?

    Once a child is placed for adoption, they are eligible for community or financial supports that are available to any family in the community, including the Canada Child Benefit, the Child Disability Tax Credit, funding through the Ontario Autism Program, Special Services at Home or other community based programs for children with disabilities. 

    There are also specific supports available to adoptive children and their families. A review of these supports, including adoption subsidies, assistance with post-secondary costs, parent training and support groups can be found at Adoption services and supports | ontario.ca

    You can also contact the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa for post-adoption support at any time after the adoption is finalized and can access information about this through the assessment process. While the Society does not provide counselling or direct therapeutic services, we can assist with information, community referrals and advocacy.