Inclusivity Statement

We strive to provide safe, identity-affirming and culturally informed services to the children, youth and families we serve.

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa acknowledges that our work takes place on the unceded homelands of the Anishinabe Algonquin Nation peoples who have nurtured and inhabited these lands for generations. We recognize the deep-rooted history of this region, which has traditionally served as a meeting place for diverse Indigenous communities. In doing so, we honour and respect the urban Inuit, Métis and First Nations peoples who have long called this area their home.

We acknowledge the painful legacy of child welfare in Indigenous communities and are committed to implementing the Calls to Action outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Despite operating under present colonial policies, we are dedicated to advocating for change within our sphere of influence and challenging the existing systems. We aim to address the weight of colonial legacy and engage in a transformative process of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples of Canada.

We also acknowledge that the history of African Canadians is rich, spans over 400 years and continues to be made every day by African Canadians. We understand that anti-Black racism has historically and continues to be intertwined with the lived experiences of people of African descent in Canada. We recognize that anti-Black racism is deeply embedded in Canadian institutions, practices and policies. However, we vow to disrupt and dismantle the oppressive and systemic anti-Black racism that continues to disproportionately affect African Canadians.

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa strives to be a partner to all who live in our community. We value all families regardless of ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity. All are welcome to our offices, and we aim to serve all families in a way that is open, safe, inclusive, affirming and positive.