Protecting Children

The focus of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa is on child safety, however we all share a responsibility to protect children and youth from harm – a responsibility that extends to those situations where children and youth suffer abuse and neglect in their own homes.

Our Child Protection workers are trained professionals whose objective is to work in collaboration with the family and community service partners, to resolve any concerns or struggles they may be experiencing. The CAS offers services to the family to assist the parents in ensuring that the children or youth receive safe and nurturing care at home.

Sometimes children and youth are unable to remain in their family home. In these situations, every effort is made to place a child in a home sensitive to their racial, ethnic, cultural and religious background. It is the practice of the agency to place children and youth with extended family, however, when this is not possible; the preferred option is with foster parents. Placing siblings together is also a priority for the Society. Unless a family court Judge restricts access, regular visits are scheduled between the parents and the child or youth in care. Our main goal is to work toward reuniting children with their families, if however, a situation is deemed too serious, a permanent plan is developed and presented before a Family Court Judge.