Former or Current Child in Care

Please review the information below to learn how to submit an Access to Information: Child in Care/Adoption request and what to expect throughout this process.

If you are currently or were formerly in the care of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (the Society) and would like to request your records:

You are also required to provide one copy of valid government issued photo identification with your request. Your request will only be processed once all required information has been received in a legible format. Delays may occur if your request is illegible or if all required information and ID are missing.

You can expect to receive your records within 30 days of your request being processed.

By submitting an Access to Information request you are consenting to a search of the Child Protection Information Network (“CPIN”) and the Society’s internal records system.

You will be provided with those records or information that relates directly and specifically to you. Note that you will not be provided with another individual’s information without the express and specific consent of those individuals to release their information to you. Here you can find the Society’s consent form (attach consent form). This consent form authorizes the Society to disclose information relating to the individual to the requestor.

If you are a Former Child in Care who is applying for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) please complete the Access to Information request form and the Verification of Status with Ontario’s Children’s Aid Society form.

Please submit all requests to [email protected]. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please refer to the FAQ page or call the Access to Information and Disclosure Unit at 343-588-1022.