A few hours of your time could have a lasting impact on a life.

If you would like to volunteer with us, visit our Volunteer Opportunities page or register here

community volunteer By becoming a volunteer, you are ultimately enhancing the services that we provide by building support networks for families in their community. Your services promote trust, positive relationships, academic success, and community connections to children and youth receiving support from us. Volunteering with us is a rewarding experience because you are improving the life of a child in our community.

WHO are our volunteers?

Our volunteers come from all walks of life. They are men and women, young and old. They are single and partnered. They represent diverse cultural, racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Our volunteers are amazing individuals who:

  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Live or work in the Ottawa area
  • Are highly committed and responsible
  • Are able to work in a structured environment as a team member
  • Are willing to take direction

WHAT do our volunteers do?

Volunteers can either request a position or can be placed depending on their unique skill set. Some examples of volunteer roles include:

  • Tutor for children and youth in care
  • Mentor for children and youth in care 
  • Driver to help ensure the child arrives safely and on time for appointments
  • Clerical / administrative help