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Press Release: We continue to offer child protection services




The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa continues to offer child protection services.


OTTAWA – As per Premier Ford’s announcement earlier this week, our agency is considered an essential workplace and we continue to offer protection services; we are NOT closed. The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and we are following the advice of public health authorities.

Agencies across the province have modified business practices to respond to health and safety concerns, and as such, we are limiting face-to-face contact across many of our services, encouraging video conferences, phone calls and emails. Nonetheless, face-to-face contact will occur when necessary, such as child abuse investigations and when bringing a child or youth to a place of safety.

During a time of increased anxiety, vulnerable children, youth and families need support and care more than ever.  Should you have concerns for safety or well-being of a child, or if you are a caregiver who requires support to keep your child safe, please call us at 613-747-7800.


For more information:

Cindy R. Perron

Communications Department

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa