About Us

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) is non-profit community organization funded by the Government of Ontario, legally mandated to protect children and youth from abuse and neglect. The CAS is one of over 49 agencies across the province regulated by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS) and governed by the Ontario Child, Youth and Family Services Act (CYFSA).



The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa is committed to protecting the children and youth of our community from abuse and neglect.We work in collaboration with community partners to ensure their well-being and to strengthen the capacity of families and the communities in which they live.


We accomplish our mission by adhering to these principles:


We recognize the strengths and the dignity of the children, youth, and families we serve; service delivery decisions benefit from their participation.

Service Excellence

The design and delivery of our services seek to reflect our commitment to proactive, evidence-informed, strength-based practice.

Permanent Connections

Every child and youth can achieve greater well-being through supportive relationships that are maintained across time and provide a sense of belonging within their family, extended family, and community.


Ensuring the safety and well-being of children and youth is a shared responsibility. Collaboration and cooperation amongst ourselves, the families we serve, caregivers, and community partners are essential.


Our practices are informed by sensitivity to the historic relationship between child welfare and Aboriginal peoples. We seek understanding and reconciliation when supporting their children and youth.


We recognize the unique quality of each child, youth, and family and use a practice framework which embraces diversity and recognizes the impact of systemic oppression on interactions with both service users and colleagues.


We recognize the dedication and commitment of our staff, caregivers, and volunteers. We seek to provide them with a safe and supportive work environment.




Video was created by York Region Children's Aid Society.



The CAS recognizes the diversity of the community it serves and is committed to resolving, where possible, any barriers that limit, impede or frustrate any person's ability to access or participate effectively in its services and processes, especially when these barriers relate to an equality rights status, such as disability, age, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

Aboriginal Persons

The CAS works at providing service in a manner that recognizes First Nations, Métis and Inuit culture, heritage and traditions and the concept of the extended family.


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