Community Professionals: Requests for Disclosure of Information

If you are a Community Professional (Medical, Office of the Children’s Lawyer Clinician/Investigator, Probation/Parole Officers, etc.) who is currently working with an individual who has or is currently receiving services from the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (the “Society”), you may obtain information regarding the Society’s involvement with the family/individual.

Please send a written request and include the following detailed information regarding the individuals (to assist in completing a thorough and accurate records search):

  • Full names (current and past)
  • Dates of birth
  • If possible – names and dates of birth of parents/siblings/former spouses
  • Previous addresses
  • Current phone numbers, home address and email address

Consents from all individuals over the age of 16 that you are seeking information about is required. You may use your own consent form, as long as it is detailed and specific to the Society releasing its information to you, or you may use the Society’s consent form.

For children under the age of 16, parental consent is required for the release of their information. This is to be clearly noted on the consent form.

You may also be asked to provide the consent of a child/youth under the age of 16 in certain circumstances. Please consider obtaining the consent of children 12 and older at the time of your request to avoid delays.

Please submit all requests to [email protected]. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please refer to the FAQ page or call the Access to Information and Disclosure Unit at 343-588-1022.