What’s the difference between foster care and adoption?

Adoption is a lifelong commitment where the rights of a child or youth are transferred from the birth parents to the adoptive parents.  Foster care is typically short-term or a temporary arrangement where a child or youth is placed with a family, with the ultimate goal of reuniting the child or youth with their birth family or kinship network.   

In some cases, foster parents do adopt a foster child in their care, however this is only considered if no family or kinship option is available.   Most children placed in foster homes never become available for adoption and all foster parents must be committed to supporting the goal or reunification or family placement for children placed in their care.    

The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa is recruiting foster families as this continues to be a need in our community. To learn more about our need, please visit the fostering page of our website. The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa does not have a “foster with a view to adoption” program.