I have a SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation) homestudy completed by a private adoption practitioner. Can I submit this to the CASO?

Yes, if you reside in Ottawa. You will be asked to submit your homestudy, along with the range of child needs that you feel able to support in your family prior to your initial meeting with the intake worker.  If this fits with the Society’s needs for children and youth who may become available for adoption, we will complete a brief update to the homestudy for the purpose of assessing your application for an adoption within the child welfare sector.  If your private homestudy was completed within 2 years, you will be asked to provide the supporting documents.  If the homestudy is more than two years old, new supporting documents may be required as part of this update.  You will not need to repeat the PRIDE training.   

You can have your homestudy registered with both a private licensee and with a Children’s Aid Society, however you must advise all adoption professionals of this intent and if you are being considered for a placement.  You can only receive one adoption placement at a time. 

If you are working with an adoption agency or have an application for international adoption, they may have restrictions on submitting an application for adoption elsewhere.  You should verify this prior to applying with the Society.