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Youth Resources

The Ottawa Education Championship Team

The Ottawa Education Championship Team (OECT) is focused on making sure that our youth are successful at all levels of their education. We want young people to receive the necessary support to graduate from high school and be supported to pursue their post-secondary education, training and employment pathways.


In addition, the team implements and maintains a local community-based model with strong partnerships amongst the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, school boards, post-secondary institutions and employment and training agencies. Together we harness our superpowers to help our youth feel supported and confident in each phase of their education and career journey.

Be The Bold

Be the Bold means, the person you are calling is aware of the challenges youth in the extended care of the society face and will help you with future planning without you having to tell them your story.

 The OECT has created a database of community contacts and resources for youth, regarding:


For more information about this initiative, or to access supports for youth, visit