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Home Alone Safety

It’s important to know when you can safely leave kids home alone. Age is not the only factor! In fact, the Child, Youth and Family Services Act does not identify a specific age when a child can be left alone. However, a child must know how to act responsibly during an emergency in order to supervise/babysit other children.

If your child is under 16 years of age, you cannot leave them at home without supervision or making provisions that are reasonable under the circumstances. Considerations should include:


  • The child’s level of competence/maturity

  • Their ability to communicate

  • Their developmental level

  • Whether or not they have completed a Home Alone course

  • The time of day the child will be left alone

  • How long they will be alone

  • The level of safety of the surrounding neighbourhood

  • The accessibility to a trusted adult in case of emergencies


Are you still unsure if it’s safe to leave your child home alone? Call us (anonymously) at 613-747-7800 (and follow the prompts).