Meetings & minutes

Availability of Minutes of Board Meetings

The approved Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings are provided upon written request to the public. Requests should be made to :

Children's Aid Society of Ottawa
Executive Office
1602 Telesat Court, Ottawa, ON, K1B 1B1

Approved Minutes of the Board of Directors exclude the in-camera minutes.

What sorts of things are discussed during in camera meetings?

  • Personal matters about an identifiable individual (Board member, client or employee)
  • Labour relations or employee negotiations
  • Acquisition or sale of land or property
  • Litigation or potential litigation
  • Receiving advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege
  • Matters falling under the privacy disposition of any applicable legislation
  • Security of the property of the Society
  • Any other matters, which would be prejudicial to the interests of the Society or its clients



  • Boards meetings - generally held monthly, every second Tuesday. Please contact the Society to confim the meeting schedule at [email protected] 
  • Notice of Annual General Meeting is posted on the website.