Board FAQs

How can we communicate information to the Board?

All communication to the Board of Directors as whole or to specific members is through the main office of the Children's Aid Society. The communication is circulated to the Board members at the meeting immediately following the receipt of the material, unless otherwise requested or if the information is urgent in nature.

How is a complaint reviewed by the Board?

The Society recognizes that a person may, from time to time, have concerns regarding services they sought or received from the Society. It is part of the duties of front line workers and supervisors to address these concerns as they arise and to resolve them, wherever possible, in their efforts to engage persons receiving or seeking service in a collaborative relationship. It is expected that most concerns can be resolved at the front-line worker level. If a person does not wish to discuss her/his concerns with a worker, or if the person feels that the worker is not dealing adequately with the issues, the person is encouraged to call the supervisor. Service concerns that come to the attention of the Supervisor and/or Executive Director, that have not been successfully problem solved between the involved parties, will be referred to the Service Director/Manager to ensure possible resolution. Where resolution cannot be achieved with the Service Director/Manager, a person may decide to exercise his or her right to submit the complaint for review by the Internal Complaints Review Panel. This panel is comprised of a Board member, a community representative and a senior manager not directly involved with the case. The eligibility criteria and the time frames for a review by the Internal Complaint Review Panel are stipulated in the Provincial Complaint Review Procedure for Children's Aid Societies. The person may also contact the Child and Family Services Review Board by referring to their pamphlet that is available at the Society or by following this link.