Kin Awareness Week 2020

Happy family with foster children in the forest

DYI: In 2018, 26% of children and youth needing temporary out of home placements in Ontario lived with kin families.

It’s Kin Awareness Week!

At The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, we’re celebrating the important role kin families play in supporting children and youth.

What is Kinship?

We know that children do best when they reside with family. If a child cannot live at home with their parents, the goal is to have them live with people they have established relationships with. Kin providers can be family members, neighbours, community members or someone who simply has an emotional connection with the child or youth.

Kinship families form an integral part of the child’s life, whether it be for a short period of time until the child is able to safely return to their parents, or become a permanent home for that child providing them with a safe, stable and nurturing home. Either way, they become part of the child’s support network.

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