Children and Youth in Care Day

Today is Children and Youth in Care Day!

As proclaimed by Bill 90, Children and Youth in Care Day Act, 2012, the Province of Ontario recognizes May 14 as Children and Youth in Care Day. It is a day where we recognize and celebrate the enormous contributions that current and former children and youth in the interim and/or extended care of the Society make to the province.

Children and Youth in Care Day is an opportunity for us to raise awareness about children and youth under the care of the province and to recommit to supporting them and helping them reach their full potential. This year’s theme is #CARE4CARE and the image is a purple lion to symbolize bravery, a red heart to show that these children and youth are loving individuals and want to be loved, and the color blue to represent some of the sadness and losses experienced but also to represent the sky that cannot contain the limitless potential our children/youth have.

Today and everyday, we continue to be inspired by these young individuals, and the following video that our phenomenal CAST youth group and staff have put together is a true testament of their unwavering strength, bravery and resilience in the face of adversity.

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