Children and Youth in Care Day 2022

May 14th is Children and Youth in Care Day! It’s a day to recognize the contributions of current and former youth in care, and acknowledge their strength, bravery, and resilience in the face of adversity. This day is an important reminder that while children and youth in care face many unique challenges, they will thrive with a supportive and caring community. They require allies, advocacy, and collaboration to help them reach their full potential.

Happy Children and Youth in Care Day to all our current and former children and youth in care! Your voice matters and we are thankful that you are part of our community!


CASO Youth Resources: Supports and community contacts for youth in care as you graduate from high school and pursue post-secondary education, training, and employment pathways.

Youthcan: A program dedicated to improving the quality of care for youth in Ontario’s Child Welfare System.

Take 5: An online space for children and youth in foster care, group homes, or living away from their parents where you can find resources about your identity and culture, relationships, how to cope with stress and who to ask for help.


 To all current and former children and youth in care – you are not alone! Your community is here to help. If you are struggling, reach out:

We are committed to supporting youth as they transition out of care and into independence. Click here to learn about our various youth initiatives dedicated to Excellence and Innovation.

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