Adoption Process

The adoption process at the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa consists of four phases: 1) Initial contact via the Adoption Intake Line, 2) Information Sessions, 3) Submitting an Application Package, and 4) Screening and Homestudy, including specific training and evaluation programs.

Steps to becoming an adoptive family

Before contacting us, please reach out to the Adoption Council of Ontario to explore what adopting in Ontario means, what options are available to you in this journey and considerations that must exist to adopt from the child welfare system. We encourage all those interested in adoption to connect with a worker at the Adoption Council of Ontario – you can contact their team at 1-877-ADOPT-20.

After this initial educational process, if your interests meet the needs as explained, we invite you to contact us at [email protected] or at 613-747-7800 (and follow the prompts) to register for an information session.

Information Sessions

These sessions act as an extension to the information provided on our website and to the information provided through our Intake Line. If, following the information session you believe that you are a good match to the type of children that we are trying to place, you may take home an application package to complete and submit.

Session Language:Held in both French and English
Location:Main office at 1602 Telesat Court, Gloucester, ON
Timing:Approximately every two months
Registration:Contact Adoption Intake 613-747-7800 (and follow the prompts)
Facilitators:Sessions are run by an adoption worker along with one of our adoptive parents
Session Length:Approximately 2 hours long
  • Adoption within the broader context of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa
  • Application process
  • What you can expect following the submission of your application
  • What our current needs are for families
  • Post adoption supports we offer
  • Openess regarding birth family
  • Role of the birth parent within the adoption process
  • An opportunity to answer any additional questions

Application Package

After attending the information session, you will complete an application package to allow us to better understand who you are and what profile of child you would like to adopt. Upon submission of the application you will receive an acknowledgement letter informing you that your application has been received, and highlighting any missing documents.

Screening of the Application and Homestudy

Following an initial intake process, your application is reviewed by the adoption supervisor and based on the current needs of our children and program, an initial recommendation will be made to either assign or close your file. If we elect to proceed with your application, you will be assigned to an adoption worker to work with you while you complete your Home Study Assessment and to register you for our P.R.I.D.E. Training Program.

S.A.F.E. Home Study

The home study portion of the application is called “S.A.F.E.” – Structured Analysis Family Evaluation. This study involves several home visits by your adoption worker, providing references, medical reports, financial information, consents for police and child welfare checks, as well as filling out other SAFE specific assessment forms to complete this section of your application.

P.R.I.D.E. Training

The Home Study process also requires attendance at a 27-hour series training program called P.R.I.D.E. – Parenting Resources for Information, Development and Education. This training prepares adoptive parents to meet the needs of adopted children and addresses the common learning needs of each adoptive parent.

The complete assessment process can take upwards of one year to complete. If approved, your adoption worker will present your profile at adoption meetings for children whose needs they believe you would best match. This process has no fixed time limit, as our focus is on finding the right family for the child.