Why Children's Aid Gets Involved

Below are some of the possible reasons for investigations:

Neglect occurs when a child is harmed, becomes ill, or is at risk of being harmed or becoming ill, due to their caregiver’s failure to properly supervise, protect, care, or provide for the child. Situations where the child’s need for medical, mental, emotional, or developmental services and treatment are denied by the parent or caregiver are also considered neglect.

Emotional Abuse occurs when a child is emotionally harmed, or is at risk of being emotionally harmed, due to a caregiver’s behaviour including spurning, terrorizing, isolating, threatening the child, withholding affection, and exposing to domestic violence. The emotional impact on the child may result in serious anxiety, depression, withdrawal, self-destructive or aggressive behaviours, or delayed development.

Physical Abuse occurs when a child suffers physical harm or risk of harm, at the hands of their parent or caregiver (e.g., teacher, babysitter, coach), who has charge of the child. Caregiver negligence, inability to protect the child from physical harm, or risk of physical harm, are also reasons for possible CAS investigation.

Sexual Abuse occurs when a child has been sexually molested or exploited by their parent or caregiver, or is at risk of being sexually molested or exploited by that person. Situations where a caregiver has knowledge of the child being sexually molested or exploited but fails to protect the child are also considered sexual abuse.