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The Impact of Mental Health on Families




Here at The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, we acknowledge the importance of mental health. That’s why we’re joining the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) and local community partners to recognize Mental Health Week, which takes place from May 7 to 13. Most notably, May 7 is also National Child & Youth Mental Health Day.

Mental Health Week is a time for community members, schools and workplaces to rally behind the significance of mental health in daily successes. For child welfare agencies, it’s an opportunity to recognize the impact that mental health challenges can have on children, youth and families.

Research shows that mental health supports are crucial for both parents and their children. According to Children’s Mental Health Ontario, 1 in 5 children or youth will experience a mental health problem, and beyond that, a shocking 70% of mental health problems experienced by adults are onset during childhood or adolescence. That means mental health supports received by children in the early stages of their life are crucial to ensuring their well-being later on.

For adults, mental health can often impact parental capacity. According to the latest numbers, 38% of cases in which children or youth cannot remain at home are caused by a lack of caregiver capacity due to the mental health or addiction issues of their parents. Often unable to access the proper resources, parents struggling with mental health challenges are left unable to properly care for their children. It’s essential that adults experiencing these challenges receive the right supports at the right time to ensure children can remain at home with their families.

Thank you to the many local community partners who support individuals – children, youth and parents – suffering from mental health challenges on an ongoing basis!