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The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa Holiday Gift Program


For many children and their parents, this time of year may be stressful or simply go by unnoticed due to more pressing problems. During the holiday season, The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) provides necessities and gifts to children, youth and families in needs through our Holiday Gift Program.

The Holiday Gift Program brings comfort to the children, youth and families, supported by CASO, by sharing gifts of joy including new toys, games, providing food, warm clothes, and other meaningful items during the holiday season. No matter the challenges they face, our goal is to ensure that every child, youth and family feels special and loved during this special time of year.

You can help us make a real impact this holiday season! There are several ways that you can contribute to the Holiday Gift Program. Whether you choose to make a gift through the Family Sponsorship Program, the Angel Tree Program, or by providing a monetary donation, you can help make a difference and share in the spirit of the holidays.

Each year, our organization is able to help the children, youth and families because of the generosity of our community members and the assistance of local business. Together, we are creating lasting change in our community. Thank you for lending a hand and warming hearts this season!

To learn more about the Holiday Gift Program and the different ways you can give and support families in our community, give us a call at 613-747-7800 extension 2747 or visit our website