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Children and Youth in Care Day


You inspire me with hope: no matter what happens, you always find ways to laugh, to play with your friends. Adversity does not stop you. Always be proud of your accomplishments”.

May 14th is the Children and Youth in Care Day in Ontario, an annual day that recognises the strength, bravery and resilience shown by young people who have faced adversity throughout their lives. This important day is one of a number of actions that have taken place within the Province to support and encourage these young people.

The Child and Youth in Care Day brings attention to the countless contributions that children and youth in and leaving care make to the Province.

Many youth, both currently and formerly in care, have become ambassadors for youth advocacy within the child welfare system, influencing policy and legislation, inspiring change, creating awareness and reducing stigmas related to being in care.

The Children and Youth in Care day, is our opportunity provincially to raise awareness about children and youth in care and to recommit to supporting them and helping them reach their full potential.