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Children and Youth in Care Day in Ontario


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On May 14th, we celebrate the 6th annual Children and Youth in Care Day in Ontario. This day, written into law through the Children and Youth in Care Day Act, commemorates the resilience, bravery and strength of young people currently and formerly in care, despite facing adverse situations in their lives.

This day also recognizes the numerous and influential contributions that these children and youth have had on legislation within the province, ranging from improving post-secondary support to extending benefits for youth who have recently transitioned out of care. In addition to these actions, these young people have truly become youth advocacy ambassadors within the child welfare system. They work hard to continue to raise awareness and drive real change in perception in Ontario.

In addition, May 14th serves the purpose of acknowledging the lived experiences of children and youth in care. On this day, community members are urged to take a moment to reflect upon the challenges that these young people have faced and the resilience they have demonstrated.

Children and Youth in Care Day looks towards the future. It looks towards what these young individuals can achieve. It focuses on their potential. It is our opportunity, within the Ottawa community and our province, to continue to raise awareness about the achievements of children and youth in care and to show ourongoing support for these incredible members of our community.