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Adoption Awareness Month


November marks Adoption Awareness month across Ontario, a time where, The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CASO) works to increase public awareness about adoption and the need for safe, permanent, and nurturing environments for children and youth right here in Ottawa.

A permanent family and a stable home are vital to a child’s development. In a permanent home, a child or youth receives love, protection, stability and a sense of belonging. When a child or youth cannot return to live with a parent, it is important that a permanency plan be created to determine where the child or youth should live permanently. There are many permanency options for children and youth including living with kin through legal custody or customary care, or through adoption.

Adoption provides a lifetime of benefits for children and youth not living with their family. Recent studies indicate that children raised in stable, nurturing environments that allow for the development of lifelong relationships have significantly better results as adults. Every child and youth needs long-lasting relationships to flourish. You can give children and youth the opportunity to build stable emotional connections with families that will provide them long-term support.

If you are interested in learning if adoption is right for you, we encourage you to contact The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa:, 613-742-1620 ext. 2.